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Dream (August 21st 2008)

April 28th, 2012 by nullifidian

barricade (pipes)
all over bridge
drive through
lights in canyon below
mesas lit up
barricade to keep secret
keep driving on bridge
S. sees sign for ‘heaven’
turns towards it
car goes through barrier, falling into canyon
keeps falling, stone/brick wall getting closer
no end
car now a train
i’m in driver’s cockpit looking at wall getting closer ad infinitum
i realize this will never end
then look around, see i’m alone
dead rat to give me company
thought: ‘great, stuck in infinity alone’
start moving toward back of train
cross bogies using vestibule
curtain around vestibule flapping
see S. walking along train outside
says he decided to do that, easier
see car pulling to an intersection ahead of us
realize we are in inhabited town
come to crossing of oka and some other street
some young kid realizes significance, something to do with a baseball record
i toss a ball to an animal (chipmunk or something)
ball hits it, provokes immediate sound from it
it tosses ball back and we play for a bit
then large mansion on other side of street
some child walks out
i start asking him questions, insistent
security guards come out of mansion gates, make for us
cop cars with sirens/lights also coming towards us
someone doesn’t want us to find out the truth about infinity
i levitate furiously to escape

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